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Receding Hairline

Receding Hairline? Procerin may be the solution to your problems

If you are among the many men who are constantly concerned due to their receding hairlines, it is time to take steps to solve the problem. With new research into the underly causes of male hair loss coming to light every day, an effective technique has been developed to combat this problem.

Receding hairline, or male pattern baldness, is the thinning of the hair at the temple and corwn of the head. This leads to the development of a bald patch a the top and fron to fthe head. The cause of recedning hairlines in men is now recognized by scientists as a combination of aging, and hereditary/gentic factors. Thes factors, however, can be neutralized by the use of a DHT blocker.

Normally found in higher concentrations in genetically-susceptible males above 25 years of age, the over-activity of a hormone known as "DHT" is the major cause of male hair loss. While this hormone is present in small amounts in the scalp of women, its predominantly a male problem, leading to male hair loss.

Also known as androgenetic alopecia, DHT begins at birth as a male growth hormone that promotes the growth of secondary male sex characteristics. The body produces a sex hormone called testosterone during puberty. It is this hormone which is converted into DHT by the enzyme named 5-alpha reductase. This receding hairline is normally classified on the scale of I-VII of Hamilton-Norwood.

Eventually, however, it begins to lose its purpose and begins creating other side effects, including halting proper hair growth. Excess of DHT attacks the hair at its roots and results in thinner hair, eventually leading to complete hair loss.

Procerin is one of the most effective treatments for receding hairlines. Procerin is a hormone blocker that interferes with the mixing of enzymes (5-alpha reductase) with testosterone that is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. By removing DHT from the body, the supplement is able to reduce or even stop receding hairlines, allowing individuals suffering from hair loss the ability to regain their hair. DHT blockers like Procerin are natural hair loss remedies available without a prescription.

Procerin is an effective treatment for all men, regardless of their age. Nevertheless, it works most effectively on men within the age group of 18 to 35 years whose hair is still in the phase of growth. But whatever stage of hair loss you're in Procerin is the best solution for your receding hairline problem and can be ordered at