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Female Receding Hairline

Female receding hairline causes many women distress

Female receding hairlines can cause a great deal of emotional distress for women. Hair is considered to be the most beautiful and alluring feature of a woman, and although society has grown accustomed to male hair loss, female baldness is still something that causes many women undue stress.

There are several factors responsible for female receding hairlines. The first and foremost is a condition known as androgenetic alopecia. It is hereditary, which means that the hair loss is inherited from one or both of your parents. It is often referred to as "pattern baldness". With this type of hair loss, hair starts getting thin until it has reduced itself to nothingness. Among women, hair thinning is more common than full blown hair loss compared to men. You will spot small bald patches on the scalp in the primary stages, but in general the female receding hairlines will only be noticed with thinning hair. This is the time when you must seek an expert's advice.

Female receding hairline can also be due to harsh combing or brushing of hair.

Similarly, female receding hairlines can be caused by a lack of proper hair care for women. It is easy to get careless when under a great deal of stress, and when that happens hair follicles can grow weak causing your hair to weaken as well.

Finally DHT - a hormone caused by the combination of an enzyme and testosterone, causes most forms of hair loss in both women and men. When this hormone is present, it binds to your hair follicles preventing them from growing correctly. Once they stop growing correctly, your hair starts to weaken, thin, and eventually fall out. Luckily, several medications have been released that fight the DHT at its source. One product that has been known for its ability to do this safely and effectively for women is Sephren.