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Receding Hairline For Women

Receding Hairline For Women: Causes And Cures

It can be a devastating experience when you look into the mirror and realize that you are losing your hair and will may even go bald in a few years. Most of the time, people think that receding hairlines are a problem associated only with men. But the fact is that a large proportion of women also lose their hair. But there is a slight difference between the receding hairline of women and that of men. Hair loss in men is signified by receding hairline particularly on the crown of the head, while in women it is signified by thinning of hair generally all over the scalp, rather than a patch.

In women, hair loss starts around the age of 30 and becomes more visible around. Some of the main causes of a receding hairline for women include the following:

  • Most women use chemicals like dyes, bleaches and tints on their hair for a stylish look. But these chemicals harm the hair growth system. Procedures such as perming and straightening also cause stress on the scalp, weakening the hair follicles.
  • If a woman crash diets and loses a lot of weight in a short span of time, then she is very likely to suffer from hair loss.
  • Prolonged illness or infections also trigger hair shedding.
  • Some women suffer from hair loss 3-6 months after delivering a child.
  • Improper and rough brushing and combing of one's hair can add to hair loss problems in women. Vigorously rubbing the hair with a towel just after washing them is also harmful.

Receding hairline for women can cause a great deal of anxiety and self-consciousness among women possibly resulting in lack of self- confidence. In addition to proper care, there is a wide range of products available on Sephren, which have the ability to trigger hair growth and strengthen hair at its roots.