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Receding Hairline in Women

Hair Loss Problems in Women

Female baldness in women may be rarer and less well known than it is for men, but it is no less a problem. Receding hairline in women can be caused by a variety of different factors:

  1. Pulling one's hair - Pony tails, excessive amounts of brushing and combing and even vigorously rubbing one's head after a shower can weaken the roots of hair and cause hair to thin and, eventually, fall out.
  2. Thyroid problems - Any problems with the thyroid gland may result in hair loss.
  3. Genetics - though rare, genetics can cause a vast amount of hair loss in women. The gene is more difficult to treat, though scientists are working on finding a cure for this type of hair loss as well.
  4. Poor diet/lack of eating - just as you need nutrition in order to properly function, so too does your hair need the nutrients it needs in order to grow hair strong and prevent receding hairline in women.
  5. Emotional and Physical stress and a significant cause of hair loss in women. You don't need to be "pulling your hair out" in order for stress to affect your hair loss. Simply being stress can cause your hair to weaken and fall out.
  6. DHT - DHT is a hormone in the body created when testosterone combines with an active enzyme. DHT binds to hair follicles, weakening them and causing them to fall out in significant numbers.

For DHT related hair loss, which is one of the most common types of hair loss in both men and owmen, there are several options, including all natural DHT blockers - these blocker stunt the creation of DHT, so that it no longer can bind to your hair follicles and allow your hair to grow to its full form.

One of the best DHT blockers on the market is known as Sephren. Sephren works by preventing the enzyme from combining with testosterone, allowing your body to function as usual but without the excessive DHT build up. By blocking this combination, your hair will grow stronger and healthier, strengthening itself by the day and possibly even regrowing hair where it was once lost.