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Receding Hairline

Understanding Receding Hairline Causes

Receding hairlines are one of the greatest concerns of aging populations. But this does not mean that hair loss is limited to those that are getting significantly older - hair loss can affect individuals as young as 20 or 30, for a variety of reasons including pollution, biology, injury or sickness.

Hair loss may also be caused by the overproduction of a hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone, or "DHT". DHT is created when testosterone combines with an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. While this hormone is important for embryonic development, once an individual passes puberty, this hormone loses its purpose, and instead binds itself to hair follicles, sucking up their nutrients and preventing hair growth.

DHT over-activity can also be seen in women, and though the signs are different (women do not general experience the same type of baldness as men), the effect is the same, as hair begins to thin and eventually fall out.

Receding hairlines may be stressful, but they are also curable, especially when they are caused by DHT. By using a DHT blocker, one can stop the production of DHT, allowing hair to grow freely again.

These DHT blockers work by preventing 5-alpha reductase from combining with testosterone in the first place. They do not affect the levels of both the hormone and the enzyme, as these chemicals still have other roles, all they do is prevent DHT from being created.

The best DHT blockers are made of all natural ingredients like Procerin. By using an all natural product like Procerin, you will be less likely to experience all of the harmful side effects that are possible if you use a non-natural hair loss treatment like Rogaine. They are equally as effective, but safer and do not harm your body to the same degree.