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Minoxidil Receding Hairline

Hair loss solution

Male receding hairline is a very common problem for aging men, and as such has been researched thoroughly. This research has, for the most part, conquered male pattern baldness, which is often referred to scientifically as androgenetic alopecia. Caused by a hormone imbalance, male pattern baldness is due to the overactivity of a hormone known as DHT. DhT combines with an individual's hair follicles and causes the hair to weaken and fall out. Eventually, bald patches start to appear and eventually all the hair around the head starts to thin and stop growing.

There are other reasons behind receding hair issues such as genetics, gastro-intestinal problems, chronic disease, radiation therapy, excessive consumption of medicines, malnutrition, anxiety and head injuries. Receding hairline can also be the result of constant use of a particular hair shampoos or conditioners, which contains strong chemicals. But DHT is still the most common form of male hair loss.

There are several hair loss treatments nowadays to combat receding hairlines, including surgery, weaving, and pills. All the treatments vary depending on the age of the patient. Surgery is only suggested in rare cases. Around the world, DHT blockers are most often used for the treatment of receding hairlines. These blockers are all natural, with no side effects for the patient. Though laser combs, nizoral shampoos, and herbal products are also used, DHT blockers are the safest way to combat hair loss, as well as the most effective.

A chemical known as Minoxidil is an effective treatment for receding hairlines in men. It enhances the growth of frontal hair on the scalp. However, minoxidil is not as effective for women as it is for men, so women should only take Minoxidil when instructed by a doctor. Minoxidil receding hairline cures are known best as Rogaine (minoxidil solution). Rogaine starts acting on the hair follicles as soon as it is taken, and reduces the rate of hair thinning. It also has an effect on the blood vessels on the scalp and stimulates their activity, which results in the growth of hair.

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