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Receding Hairline for Men

Does it feel like every day you are suffering from a bad hair day? This may be because you are suffering from a significant amount of hair loss. Patchy hair can be embarrassing and cause men a lack of self-confidence and an overall self-consciousness about their appearance.

There are many possible reasons for receding hairline for men, including chronic diseases, hormone imbalances and a lack of proper nutrition.

In male pattern of baldness, these are some of the common causes that lead to receding hairline for men. However, the most common cause of receding hairline for men is the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that is caused by an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase. When too much DHT is in a person's system and binds to the hair follicles, these follicles become weak from lack of nutrition and eventually the hair weakens and falls out.

In order to stop this type of hair loss, an individual must use a DHT blocker - A medicinal supplement designed to inhibit the production of DHT allowing hair to get all the nutrients they need to keep their strength.

A DHT blocker provides the much needed support and nutrition to the roots of the hair by strengthening it and making it stronger so that your scalp can retain its hair effectively.

If the cause is genetic, it is more difficult to treat this type of hair loss. But if the cause of hair loss is not genetic, it may be caused by DHT, and a DHT blocker may be just what you need to ensure proper hair growth and nutrition.

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