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Hair Receding Hairline

Hair receding hairline: causes and remedies

Hair receding hairlines are the initial symptoms of baldness. The hair stops growing and a horse shoe pattern begins to form on the crown of the head. Some of the main reasons for hair receding hairline are:

  1. Heredity
  2. Age
  3. Hormone testosterone
  4. Scalp infections
  5. Nutritional deficiency
  6. Long illness
  7. Severe stress
  8. Improper hair care

Most of the time, hair receding hairlines are seen in people around 35 to 40 years old, but it can also occur in individuals as young as 20 years of age.

In order to understand why a hair receding hairline forms, we need to understand how our hair grows. There are small cavities in our scalp known as hair follicles. Out of these hair follicles hair roots form and hair comes out.

After 2 to 6 years, a hair follicle starts shrinking and eventually the hair stops growing and falls out. Normally, however, a new hair grows out of the healthy hair follicle. But if the individual is suffering from hair loss, the hair will grow out thinner and may not grow out at all.

It is estimated that about 90% of men face the hair receding hairline by the age of 50. The problem is specifically related to hormones called androgens, especially an androgen called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone gets attached with the hair follicles and interrupts the normal hair growth system. The hair then becomes unhealthy, thin and dull. By logging on to, you can find a range of solutions and cures to stop your hair loss. The website gives you various methods which will help your hair grow stronger and healthier. And best of all, Procerin is all natural, and the website promises a 90 days money back guarantee, if the results are not satisfactory.

So if you're suffering from hair receding hairlines, consider Procerin for a low cost, safe, and natural solution.